Mountain Sky, a little piece of heaven.

A testament to what music and love can do for a young boy suffering from ADHD and other learning disabilities…
March 9, 2017
Mountain Sky 2016 STILL GRATEFUL FEST 4, Early Saturday Afternoon
March 9, 2017
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Mountain Sky, a little piece of heaven.


To whom it may concern,

I, first, would like to introduce myself, my name is Joseph Statuto. I am a local fellow. I work a full time job, am a home owner, a married man and helping raise my 7 year old granddaughter. Along with this, I am also an entertainer, musician vocalist. That’s how I got involved with Mountain Sky.
My first visit to the mountain 4 years back, showed me a rundown piece of real estate. The buildings were in disrepair, the fields overgrown and debris throughout. An enterprising group of individuals had a vision and ran with it. Little by little, Mountain Sky became a respectable venue. Countless men and women freely volunteered their time, energy and good old fashioned American sweat.

Today, one building has been renovated, utilities updated, painted and decorated. Through a generous contribution, a stage has been built to showcase local as well as regional musical acts. Artists have come to show their work. The Mountain has had dinner dances over the course of the winter. All this to promote local artisans.

Outside, the grounds are groomed, flowers planted, the building painted and our large, beautiful stage lit in the front, led lights change colors behind a silhouette of the Mountain Sky logo.
Again, all this done by loving and caring volunteers.

When regional musicians are passing through, they know they are always welcome to find a nights refuge from the road here on the Mountain. They recognize the peace found there. Beautiful days and clear starlit nights and very loving people act as a magnet to draw like minded people to a pristine piece of heaven, you might say.

For me, the Mountain has changed my feelings towards my fellow man, has helped me find acceptance and inner peace. AT 59 years of age, I never thought, in my wildest dreams, ever, that I would experience such an incredible change in my life. Ever!

Today, I urge everyone I meet to come to the Mountain, just to experience the love and serenity found there, to meet the incredible people we call the Mountain Sky Family. I would ask any person; after their first visit, why they wouldn’t want to come back and everyone says the same thing….I’ll be back! I, personally, look for any opportunity to go to the Mountain, as a short retreat from the daily grind.

Come visit Mountain Sky and see for yourself.

Joseph Statuto.

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