Future of Music Venue Up for Debate Thursday

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March 20, 2015
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Future of Music Venue Up for Debate Thursday

SCOTT TOWNSHIP, PA – The future of a music venue in Lackawanna County will be up for debate Thursday night.

Officials in Scott Township shut down the “Mountain Sky” venue earlier this year saying its operators didn’t have the proper permits.

The operators of the music facility on Route 107 say they believe they’ve gotten everything in order and will ask township officials to let them reopen at a meeting scheduled for 7:00 PM.

Since the facility was closed, organizers say they’ve had to cancel shows and they hope to get back open as quickly as possible.

Nestled in the hills of Scott Township sits a plot of land of 117 acres.

That is where you will find the “Mountain Sky” music venue.

The facility has been rather quiet this summer. It is shut down because it lacks the proper permits.

Founder Michael “Ragu” Rogowski calls it all a misunderstanding.

“We thought we were covered and apparently we weren’t so here we are now,” Rogowski said.

Over the last several weeks, Rogowski believes he has gotten everything worked out and Thursday night they hope to get the blessing of Scott Township supervisors to reopen.

“We’ve been doing everything they’ve asked us to do,” Rogowski said. “We had to survey some of the property. We did that. We did basically everything they asked us.”

For those who enjoy music at the site, they are hopeful.

“We’re looking forward. We’re hopeful that we’ll get things rolling again,” Michael Caudullo of Scott Township said.

Michael Caudullo says the people that come to “Mountain Sky” are a tight-knit family who are aimed at keeping all types of music alive.

“The kids come around and they see the older musicians and they get inspiration from that,” Caudullo said.

The founders of “Mountain Sky” say they typically keep their shows small.

Crowd sizes often average in the “hundreds” but they do say the venue has had a couple of noise complaints over the years.

They say they will do everything in their power to be a good neighbor.

“Whatever we have to do to stop the noise complaints, we’re going to do everything in our power,” Rogowski said.

A petition with roughly 1,600 signatures to “SAVE MOUNTAIN SKY” has been circulated throughout the community with the help of radio station ROCK 107.

If supervisors give “Mountain Sky” the okay to reopen, its founders hope to resume booking shows for the summer as quickly as possible.

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