Around the Towns 12/27/2015

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Around the Towns 12/27/2015

Residents of the Carbondale Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center got a special visit last week from some holiday carolers spreading Christmas cheer.

For the second year, the Mountain Sky music festival venue family showed up laden with gifts and baked goods and singing Christmas tunes.

Delia, Holly and Duncan Geyer, all siblings from the Blue Ridge School District, played traditional Christmas songs on violin, while Ella Casper, 9, and Amelia Gerken, 10, greeted residents and passed out treats.

“I think they were pleasantly surprised by the amount of gifts and treats we brought,” said one Mountain Sky organizer, Melanie Casper. “Christmas being the time of giving back, it just seemed very appropriate to take care of some folks and brighten their day a little bit.”

Many in the community had supported the Scott Twp.-based music venue earlier this year as Mountain Sky struggled to secure several municipal permits to continue operating. During a contentious process that spurred debate over the venue’s neighborliness, Mountain Sky operators promised to remain upstanding members of the community.

They were holding up their end of the deal Sunday, one nursing home worker said.

“The holidays are busy for everyone,” said Recreation Director Karissa Cawley, who added that leftover baked treats still abound for residents to enjoy. “For them to take the time out of their personal lives, it’s really special, and it just shows their sense of community and how they find it important.”

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